About Us

We at Marine Parade have taken a  different approach to the industry,  after working for many different companies and seeing how they treated their customers. Being a family establishment we believe any customer deserves our value and gratification for using our service.

We use no pressure sales techniques, and utilise our combined experience of 25 years to provide a high end, professional and friendly service.

We take pride in our work and get a sense of achievement out of the positive responses from our customers.


With a multitude of contacts & suppliers accumulated over our years we can source the most bespoke products and cost efficient products to suit your needs.

What's more without large overheads we can supply these products at a better price than the rest

Any specification or design can be fulfilled to meet the customers needs, whether this is a simple composite door or a extension with oak aluminium faced frames from Sweden.

Environmentally Conscious & Green

By making buildings more energy efficient we can reduce energy and prevent energy waste.

In the UK alone, fitting better windows could reduce carbon emissions by almost 5 million tonnes.

We also Recycle all aluminium, PVC and glass that we remove from your home further reducing todays waste.

What we Do

We are experts in our craft of installing windows doors, conservatory's and roofline products.

Having spent a long time in the industry we understand what customers are looking for, a clear and concise service from start to finish of quality work and great customer communication.

This is why we now offer a painting and decorating service at the end of each job unlike 99% of our competitors.

We also encapsulate lead and stained glass, so we can continue the kerb appeal and aesthetic of your home in your new windows and doors increasing your security, your thermal value and price of your home.

We provide a mastic service of an extremely high quality, securing many newbuild jobs and repair jobs.

Moreover an abundance of different repair options for you to choose from and totally honest free advise.

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